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Amber’s Sonnet (originally titled No, Never)

Poem Poetry

Another Vodka Lullaby

Poem Poetry


Poem Poetry

Gee, Never Thought of That (News Mircofiction)

Short Story Humor


Poem Poetry

Good Christian Values? (News Flash Fiction)

Short Story Humor

I’ll Sue Her! (News Flash Fiction)

Short Story Humor

If you love rhyme and risqué humor, check this out

Fun Links Rants/Raves

Karmic Retribution (News Flash Fiction)

Short Story Humor

Kiera Solves Global Warming

Checklist Humor


Poem Poetry

RIP Dick Francis 2/14/2010

Tribute Rants/Raves

The Real Armageddon

Humorous Essay Humor

The Sacrifice (Narrative Fiction)

Short Story Humor
Those Bloody Bastards! (Satiric News Article) Fake News Story Humor

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