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Know this: your sticks and stones shall not falter my step, nor your thorns and brambles slow my pace, for my intentions are pure.

Kiera O’Brien is a freelance writer and an aspiring novelist. She was born in Athenry, County Galway, Republic of Ireland in 1979.  She grew up in the Dublin suburb of Malahide and moved to the USA with her parents at the age of 14. She obtained citizenship and currently resides in the state of Wisconsin.

Her writing interests include Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry.
She loves to read and write Humor, Romance, Women’s Fiction, and  Mystery/Suspense.

On the political front, (though she hates the word “politics”) Kiera is a strong advocate of equality, indiscrimination, and civil rights. Much of her work – especially her poetry – is a platform for universal tolerance and Gay Rights.

Her other interests include playing six and twelve string guitar, listening to music, travel by car, bicycling, exercising, reading, cooking, and flower gardening.



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